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6th Year Anniversary Event of Master Cheng's Acupuncture Heritage Headquarter Celebration

July 1, 2017 News

At the University of East-West Medicine, during the celebration of "Cheng's Acupuncture Heritage Headquarters”, Dr. Jinsheng Yang and Professor Kai Cheng led the State Council Overseas Chinese "Cultural China, Famous Forum" speech group of the "Cheng's Acupuncture" American Heritage Headquarter. The grand ceremony was held in the Great Hall (on the second floor of University of East-West Medicine). Dr. Jinsheng Yang and Professor Kai Cheng also demonstrated their wonderful acupuncture technique, scraping, and Cheng's three key acupuncture points for the audience. The president of the American Association of Chinese Medicine, Huang Xiansheng, also showed up in person to congratulate Professor Cheng and made a speech.

Yingqiu Wang first introduced the "History of Acupuncture" American Heritage history, saying: ”Chinese acupuncture is one of China's brilliant cultural aspects. The University of East-West Medicine was founded in 1997 to establish a master's degree doctorate for carrying forward Chinese culture in the United States. The University’s establishment marks a key foundation in the United States to promote the culture of Chinese medicine. " Cheng's Acupuncture American Heritage base has taken a new step towards achieving the goal of spreading Chinese Medicine, 6 years and running. This result is attributed to the staff and students of the school, to the support of the global Chinese medicine practitioners, and to the public’s care and support.

Professor Jinsheng Yang’s acupuncture lectures and wonderful scraping demonstration helped an 82-year-old stroke patient to immediately be able to lift their arm freely, recovering on the spot to the audience’s warm praise.
Cheng Xunong, master of the descendant of the descendant of Dr. Cheng Kai's "three key acupuncture" demonstration, when the needle inserts into the layers of acupuncture points to achieve arbitrary effects, won the audience's warm applause.

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