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Jun 3, 2015

     They’ve had success in life. Long careers full of laudable accomplishments at the top of their fields. Engineers who successfully rose with the tech surge of Silicon Valley. Product Managers who keenly oversaw the development of their creations. Marketing Directors who effectively differentiated their product from all other brands. They are women and men who have worked tirelessly to keep up with cutting-edge technology throughout their profession so that their families may live comfortable lives. They’re practical people who have relied on quantitative data, science and technology, and proper planning to meet their end goals in life.

     And then they decide to become acupuncturists. At first, I could not understand why such a surprising amount of the student body at the University of East-West Medicine comes from corporate America. It seemed almost ironic to me that people who have spent their lives relying on up-to-date quantitative data would then choose to pursue a second career grounded in tradition and intuition. The majority of these students wouldn’t bother using an operating system that is 20 years old (think Windows ’95), so why would they use a medicinal system that is over 5,000 years old? While the answer isn’t the exact same for every person, I have found a more.

"Jane and the Acupuncturist Neurosurgeon"

MAY 23, 2015

As a way to help spread awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine and promote UEWM’s programs, the Admissions Department regularly attends outside events while hosting booths and offering free medical check-ups. During these events, we often encounter interesting individuals with fascinating medical stories. The concerns and ailments that these people face are likely shared by many others. The OutReach Files aims to document these stories while shedding light on general health issues which may be affecting our own lives, or that of a loved one.

Not too long ago I was hosting a booth at a health fair... read more.

Acupoints of the Feet

APR 7, 2015

Foot acupunture is not typically practiced by most acupuncturists. The thick skin of the feet's sole prevent the proper placement of the needles and and can more.

Dr. Huang Huang Lectures About Classic Herbal Formulas

MAR 19, 2015

This weekend at UEWM: The prestigious Dr. Huang Huang, from Nanjing University, has come from China to give a lecture series in our CEU program! He will be going over Classic Herbal Formulas.

Patient Letter

MAR 13, 2015

Always a pleasure to receive letters such as this one! A patient's gratitude is our most precious reward :)

Tai Chi Delegation

MAR 11, 2015

A wonderful two days full of speeches and workshops by some of the world's finest Tai Chi practitioners.

Acupuncture Licensing Exam Study Guide

FEB 28, 2015

The licensing exam is coming up! Do you know what to study?

Random Fact: February

FEB 5, 2015

Did you know: Acupunture and Oriental Medicine is extremely individualized. For example, 20 people with a flu may all have different acupunture points chosen as part of their treatment!

January was the National Cervical Health Awareness Month

FEB 4, 2015

Dr. Amy Chan discusses the benifits of TCM when dealing with cervical health.

Meditation is Mindfulness

FEB 4, 2015

A brief guide to meditation created by UEWM student Christian O. Sy.

Kbay radio Spot.

JAN 14, 2015

UEWM clinic patient Leslee testifies to the efficacy of acupuncture in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on Kbay radio.