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Welcome to UEWM Library

The UEWM library has two sections: an English section and a Chinese section, collectively housing over 3,260 books as well as texts and academic papers on both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medical Sciences. Periodicals, slides, charts, audio-visual materials as well as human anatomy models are additional resources available in the UEWM library.

The library reading area is fully equipped with computers and Internet access that are available for student and faculty use.

Library Hours

Monday : CLOSED

Tuesday : CLOSED

Wednesday : 12PM - 6PM

Thursday : 12PM - 6PM

Friday : 9AM - 6PM

Saturday : 9AM - 6PM

Sunday : 9AM - 6PM

(Please see the notice in the library for holiday schedule)

If you have items need to be returned or renewed while the library is closed, send emails to appropriate librarian accounts with full name, student ID, and book titles. Otherwise, late fee may apply to the borrower.

UEWM students send to immediately for extension.

Library Direct Number: 408.636.7702

English Academic Journal Index

English Academic Journal Index