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The Dean of the UEWM Tai Chi Program, Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng is reporting that the International University Sports Federation (FISU) will hold the 2017 Conference and Universiade (World University Championships) August, 2017 in Taipei.


More than 170 member countries will be participating. The USA is sending its delegation for many of the events. Among the debut events is the Wushu event. And one component of Wushu is the Sanda (Free Sparring) competition. Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng, who is also the President of the US Collegiate Taiji Federation, participated in the selection of the US Sanda athletes, chosen during try-outs held in Lubbock, Texas in April, Dr. Weng says 3 males and 1 female were selected to be the members of the team. The Selection Committee consisted of the Director of the Wushu Program, Professor Bryant Fong from the University of California, Berkeley, who is the Chair of the Selection Committee for Wushu Events and is also in charge of Wushu’s Taolu athletes, along with the assistance of Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng from UEWM.

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