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Dr. Amy Chan discusses the benifits of Tradition Chinese Medicine when dealing with cervical health...More

Congratulations Ethan!

Nov 14, 2015 News

Our student Ethan Klivans has won the CSOMA (California State Oriental Medical Association) Student Essay Contest. The essay title is "AOM & IM: A symbiotic Collaboration".

The University is proud to announce that MSTCM alum Baowen Miao and current DAOM student Yangchun Ning have opened up a new clinic. The clinic is located at 4767 Lafayette St. Suite #205 in Santa Clara, very close to Levi’s Stadium.

Pain Solutions Acupuncture offers patients a variety of treatments...More

The Dean of UEWM’s College of Tai-Chi, Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng, along with Dr. Frank Chang and the City of Cupertino’s Chair of Public Safety Commission, Dr. Andy Huang, went on a journey to Taiwan to visit their Ministry of Education, National Library, National Institute of Chinese Medicine, 10 different universities, and two international.... More

UEWM Dean of College of Tai Chi ,Dr. Chi-hsiu D Weng recently led a Chinese Shuaijiao (Shuai-chiao)Team attending the 2014 Europe-Rome World Shuaijiao Tournament in Rome 5-16-5/18(Photo#1 & #2).... More

August 18th Graduation Ceremony 2013

Aug 10, 2014 News

UEWM is proud to celebrate the graduating class of 2013 on August 18th.

The Vice-President of the Heilongjiang University of TCM, Professor Sun Zhong Ren and the Dean of the International Education College, Professor Wang Ai Ping... More

Professor Wei, Guikang is the World Federation of Manipulative Medicine Chairman, Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctoral tutor. He will be lecturing on May 25, 26, 27 & June 1, 2, 3 2013 at the University of East-West Medicine. Lecture topic: Orthopedics clinical applications. (Translation will be available.)

Professor Ge Fenglin Visits UEWM

Jun 10, 2013 News

"GE's pinch tendons tapping therapy" descendant Ge Fenglin professor will visit the school from February 27 to March 18 to teach the unique pat bonesetting therapy. Its unique therapy, the effect is significant, a...More

Dr. Cheng Xinnong is considered The Medical Master of China, and is a member of the Academic department of Engineering in Chinese acupuncture. He has authored... More

DAOM Welcome and Thank You Party!

Jul 02, 2013 News

A welcome party for the a new Dean of UEWM DAOM and our English DAOM program students held on the 30th of June at the University of East-West Medicine.

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    • 2018 Campus Open House

      Saturday, May 5, 10am-6pm

      On Saturday, May 5, 10am-6pm , we will have the introduction for both the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program and Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture Program, Enrollment presentation begins at 2pm. During the event we will show you an informative presentation about the school, take a campus tour, hold personal admission counseling sessions, and answer any questions that come up along the way. You will also receive a complete admissions packet when you check in to our Open House.
      Phone: 408-733-1878 (Chinese) 408-738-8881 (English), Address: 595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

    • 2018 Summer Semester

      May 7, 2018

      2018 Summer Semester starts on May 7. Now accepting applications. Contact UEWM Admissions Office at 408-733-1878 (Chinese) and 408-738-8881 (English).


      Previous Events

    • Campus Open House Day

      Dec. 16, 2017
      2:00PM - 4:00PM

      During the event we will show you an informative presentation about the school, take a campus tour, hold personal admission counseling... MORE

    • 2016 Summer Semester

      May 2,2016

      2016 Summer semester starts at May 2nd. Now accepting applications. Contact UEWM admission office for more information.


      September - December, 2015

      UEWM is pleased to introduce our visiting professors for the 2015 CEU seminars... MORE

    • 13th Annual Graduation

      Aug 22, 2015
      8:30 - 10:30

      The 13th Annual Graduation for UEWM will begin on August 22nd at 9:00am

    • Mother's Day Festival

      May 9, 2015
      10:00 AM

      The University of East-West Medicine will be at the 2015 Mother's Day Festival at the Cupertino Memorial Park on Saturday May 9th. Visit us at our booth for more information!

    • CEU - Dr. Peter Fairfield: Oriental Medicine Psychiatry

      Apr 4-5, 2015

      April 4 & 5 (Saturday & Sunday) we will have Dr. Peter Fairfield (OMD, LA.c) lecturing the topic: Oriental Medicine Psychiatry. Dr. Fairfield earned his Psychology degree from Ohio University, and his Acupuncture Oriental Medicine degree from New England School of Acupuncture. He has acquired vast clinical knowledge in his 40 years of practice. The hours of CEU for this course is total 16 hours (8 hours/per day).