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  • 2018 Inaugural iMTQA Boston Conference

    Oct. 5, 2018

    UEWM is one of the leaders in medical research and practice in traditional Chinese Tai Chi and Qigong to cure diseases and improve medical conditions. Teaming up with doctors and researchers in major medical schools around the world, such as the Harvard Medical School, the Benson and Henry Institute in Massachusetts General Hospital, the Tufts Medical School, the Shenzhen University of China, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the International Medical Tai Chi and Qigong Association ( iMTQA) was formed in October 5th 2018 at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
    Oct 5 has been a historical and excited day for all the Tai Chi/Qigong experts, scholars, researchers, clinicians and medical doctors. The iMTQA was initiated by a group of doctors from Harvard Medical School who see the potential and importance of using Tai Chi/Qigong for treating medical and mental conditions. The purpose of iMTQA is to promote Medical Tai Chi and Qigong practice in Western medicine, to provide a venue to address proposed iMTQA accreditation standards, and to provide a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge.
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  • 2018 UEWM Graduation Ceremony

    Aug. 25, 2018

    It’s a time for UEWM students to look back with great pride about what they have achieved, and look forward with great anticipation about the careers they will have.

  • 2018 April CA LIcense Exam

    April, 2018

    April CA Licensing Exam results are in. University of East-West Medicine is happy to announce that our students earned the highest 1st time pass rate of accredited schools in the SF Bay area, at 88% :) We also had the highest 1st time pass rate in the state for schools that had more than 20 applicants. You can see the results on CAB's website:
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  • Upcoming Events

      • 2019 Spring Semester

        Jan. 7, 2019 - Apr.21, 2019

        Now 2019 Spring Semester accepting applications. Contact UEWM Admissions Office at 408-733-1878 (Chinese) and 408-738-8881 (English).


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        The University is conveniently located on public bus and Cal Train lines and can be reached conveniently from highways 101, 85, 237 and 280. Public transportation stops next to the UEWM campus. See detailed traffic guide

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