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Specialty Clinic

The UEWM Medical Center Specialty Clinic is headed by Ying Qiu Wang L.Ac. M.D. ( China ), President and Founder of the University of East-West Medicine, along with other TCM professors and experts. The Expert Clinic provides the public with high standards of care and comprehensive services for challenging cases at a reasonable cost.

Specialty Clinic
Monday 9am - 1pm Mental Health
Monday 1pm - 7pm Women's Health
Tuesday 9am - 7pm Pain Clinic: Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Tuesday 1pm - 7pm Pain Management
Wednesday 9am - 1pm Mental Health
Wednesday 1pm - 7pm Herguan Medical Specialty Clinic, Stress Management
Thursday 9am - 1pm Mental Health
Thursday 1pm - 7pm Skin Health, Peripheral Vascular Disorders
Friday 9am - 7pm Orthopedic
Saturday 9am - 1pm Digestive Disorders, Stress Management
Sunday 9am - 7pm Stroke Rehabilitation