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Services & Fees

Public Rates

Patient Treatment by Specialist (Licensed Acupuncturist) Course in Acupuncture $80
Patient Treatment by Licensed Acupuncturist (with a small group of students observing) $50
Patient Treatment by Intern (students approaching completion of the master's degree program at UEWM, supervised by Licensed Acupuncturist) $30
Patient Treatment by Intern with 5-Treatment Package (save $25) $125
Diagnosis for Herbal Formulas only $15
Chinese Herbs (per package) Price Varies

Summer Special Offers for Clinic:

One Time Free Treatment for new Patient!!

Student/Employee Rates

UEWM Student Treatment by Intern $15
UEWM Student Treatment by L.Ac. $50
UEWM Administration Employee Treatment by Intern $15
UEWM Administration Employee Treatment by L.Ac. $50
Herb per pack (as needed) Price Varies