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Professor Ge Fenglin Visits UEWM

Jun 10, 2013 News

"GE's pinch tendons tapping therapy" descendant Ge Fenglin professor will visit the school from February 27 to March 18 to teach the unique pat bonesetting therapy. Its unique therapy, the effect is significant, a...More

Dr. Cheng Xinnong is considered The Medical Master of China, and is a member of the Academic department of Engineering in Chinese acupuncture. He has authored... More

DAOM Welcome and Thank You Party!

Jul 02, 2013 News

A welcome party for the a new Dean of UEWM DAOM and our English DAOM program students held on the 30th of June at the University of East-West Medicine.

December 18, 2011, Dr. Cheng Kai and Dr. Yang Jinsheng, descendants of the famous Traditional Chinese Medicine professional, Cheng Xinnong, established... More

  • 活動預告

    • 開放校園日

      下午2:00 - 4:00

      開放校園是您瞭解國際醫藥大學學位課程的最好機會!活動期間,我們將為您... 繼續閱讀

    • 2016秋季班



  • 活動回顧

    • 2015秋季繼續教育研討會

      8:30 - 10:30

      UEWM is pleased to introduce our visiting professors for the 2015 Fall CEU seminars... MORE

    • 母親節活動


      國際醫藥大學將會出席5月9日在Cupertino Memorial Park舉行的2015母親節活動。邀請大家一起來參加!

    • 太極課程對外開放

      課程期間:4/3 - 5/12(如有異動將進行通知)
      課程長度:6 週 (12 次上課)
      地點:Great Hall at UEWM
      學費:$80       註冊費:$10

    • CEU - Dr. Peter Fairfield: Oriental Medicine Psychiatry


      April 4 & 5 (Saturday & Sunday) we will have Dr. Peter Fairfield (OMD, LA.c) lecturing the topic: Oriental Medicine Psychiatry. Dr. Fairfield earned his Psychology degree from Ohio University, and his Acupuncture Oriental Medicine degree from New England School of Acupuncture. He has acquired vast clinical knowledge in his 40 years of practice. The hours of CEU for this course is total 16 hours (8 hours/per day).

    • CEU - Professor Huang Huang


      Professor Huang Huang will be holding a lecture at University of East-West Medicine on February 19th and 20th 2015. Come join the lecture, register now! Spaces are limited

    • CEU - Theraputic Taiji Training Course


      Dr. Weng a is proud to make one of its tour stops at University of East-West Medicine on February 7th and 8th, 2015.

    • CEU Lectures


      UEWM is happy to have Professor Huang Huang and Dr. Robert Chu lecture at our school as part of our continuing education program.

    • CEU - Dr. Robert Chu


      Dr. Robert Chu will be having a lecture from January 9th to the 11th on pain management and Master Tung's acupuncture.