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MS Tai Chi

Admission to the Master’s Program requires the following: a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited US college or university of higher education, an ability to perform the short-form of any Tai Chi style, a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor, and a letter of recommendation from a recognized instructor in Oriental Martial arts.

General Admission Policy

In accordance with Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 5 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Age Discrimination Act of 1975, University of East-West Medicine admits all qualified applicants regardless of age, sexual preference, religion, national origin, race, creed, marital status, mental limitation, disability or ethnic origin. All applicants must submit complete, official academic transcripts or records of previous education at all higher education institution attended. Failure to comply may result in delay in enrollment at the University or loss of academic credit. The University recruits and admits domestic and international students who have demonstrated the potential to complete UEWM's academic programs successfully. Motivation and interest to succeed are considered in addition to the applicants' academic qualifications.

Preliminary Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to University of East-West Medicine must provide the Admissions Office with the following:

  • A properly completed Application Form.
  • Evidence of all previous academic work: All official transcripts are to be sent directly to the Admissions Office of University of East-West Medicine before attending classes.
  • A non-refundable $100 Application Fee.
  • Two letters of recommendation

An informal interview is required with the Director of Academic Services or admissions staff. If the applicant lives outside of California or outside the United States, either a phone interview may be required or an interview conducted by an alumnus.

Once admitted, students may not automatically enroll in courses or programs offered. Other specific admission requirements or prerequisites may be applicable as indicated in this Catalog.

English Proficiency Requirement

Students must demonstrate English proficiency by submitting a TOEFL score of at least 500 and a mean score on the TSE, or the student must have completed a two year (60 semester or 90 semester credits) baccalaureate level education in an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education or from an equivalent educational institution in another country which is taught in the English language. Applicants who do not satisfy this requirement may be considered for admission with English as a Second Language, but must satisfy the proficiency requirement in English before beginning their second semester.

General Education And Admission Requirements

Applicants must show strong motivation and possess the maturity, desire, compassion and commitment necessary to serve in the healing arts. Admission to the Master’s Program requires the following: a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited US college or university of higher education, an ability to perform the short-form of any Tai Chi style, a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor, and a letter of recommendation from a recognized instructor in Oriental Martial arts. All applicants must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.3 to enroll.

College Credit For Prior Learning

A maximum of 15 semester units of a prospective student's admission requirements may be earned by credits based on prior learning in the following ways:

  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) tests
  • DANTES (Defense Activity for Non Education Support) tests.
  • American College Testing PEP (Proficiency Examination Program) exams.

Except for general science courses, college units earned through the above tests/exams must be evidenced in official transcripts of the college/university administering them, or by any other official documents reflecting the units and grades.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet the admission requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and must comply with the same procedures as mentioned above. Upon admission, academic credits earned at other institutions will be assessed by the Director of Academic Services and be given transfer credit only upon a course-by-course evaluation for similar content and for courses closely approximating the units or instructional hours as those offered by the University. It is the responsibility of the student to seek and secure accurate course descriptions and syllabus from their previous school(s). These materials must be sent from the previous school(s) directly to the University. Evaluation and acceptance of transfer credit may be allowed for courses taken at institutions approved by the California Acupuncture Board and/or accredited by ACAOM or from regionally accredited institutions. These courses must be similar in topic and content. Credit cannot be given for courses with a grade of "D" or lower. Grades lower than "B" may not be accepted. In addition to the above, students requesting transfer credit may be required to take and successfully pass placement and or challenge exams. An administrative fee of $200 is charged for each placement or challenge exam.

Transfer Units To Qualify For UEWM Semester System

In determining the time limitation to complete the degree program, all transfer credit for previous work as granted by the Academic Office of the University shall be used. The University may not accept course work that is older than four years and will not accept work that is five years or older.

International Students

In determining the time limitation to complete the degree program, all transfer credit for previous work as granted by the Academic Office of the University shall be used. The University may not accept course work that is older than four years and will not accept work that is five years or older.

English Language Proficiency

Instruction at University of East-West Medicine in the College of Tai Chi is offered in English. Students who are non native English speakers enrolled in the Tai Chi program must demonstrate English proficiency before beginning the clinical internship program by achieving an official TOEFL score of 500 or higher and a mean score on the TSE (Test of Spoken English). Upon admission, a foreign prospective student may be assessed and tested by the Director of Academic Services for English language proficiency. Students with difficulty in English may be requested to enroll in English as a Second Language classes offered off campus at local adult education programs, the community colleges or at private language schools. The cost of these ESL programs will be borne by the student as additional costs.

Matriculation At The University

University of East-West Medicine admits new students every semester. All students must register for units each semester to comply with satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Director of Academic Services at least once each semester during registration periods for academic advising and determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress. All enrolled students are required to complete General Education courses prior to admission to the Master's degree program.

Full-Time And Half-Time Students

Students carrying a semester academic load of twelve (12) units or more are classified as full-time students. Students carrying six units and up to eleven (11) units are considered half-time students. However, half-time students must carry an average academic load of six (6) units each semester to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as required by Federal law and University of East-West Medicine regulations. Upon request, a student may qualify for an accelerated program of study at a minimum length of two semesters, which must include all transfer credits, if any.

Time Limitation For Graduation

Upon enrollment, students may complete the Master's degree program in the following ways:

  • Accelerated Academic Track: In this track the students can complete the Master in Tai Chi program in two semesters by carrying an average semester academic load of fifteen (15) units one semester and sixteen (16) the other. Student cannot graduate from the University in less than two semesters or one (1) calendar year.
  • Normal Academic Track: In this track, students can complete the Master's program in three semesters by carrying an average semesterly academic load of twelve (12) units. Failure to do so will result in non-compliance with the University's regulation on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Extended Academic Track: The maximum time allowed for any student to complete the Master's in Tai Chi program is 6 semesters or three (3) calendar years. The student must be enrolled in an average of 6 units two semesters every calendar year in order to meet the University's regulation on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

SAP is applied to all enrolled students to ensure successful completion of all required educational courses within a specific time period as indicated above. The standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) are maintained at all times in order for students to timely graduate from the University. Failure to maintain SAP can lead to Academic Probation and eventual dismissal from the University. Details of SAP can be found in the Student's Manual and the UEWM Policy and Regulation Manual.

Residency Requirement

To receive a degree from University of East-West Medicine, a student must have been a resident of the University for a minimum period of one full time (1) semester and completed over 16 units at the University regardless of the student's transfer units.

Late Registration

Current students who have not registered by the last day of registration may enroll in courses during the first three weeks of a semester by paying a late registration fee of $150. Students are discouraged to register after the 2nd week of the semester. No enrollment or addition of any course is permitted after the 2nd week of the semester without consent from the instructor and authorization from the Director of Academic Services. Students returning from a leave of absence or withdrawal status are allowed up to Wednesday of the 2nd week of the semester to enroll in classes without paying the late registration fee.

Enrollment Agreement

The enrollment contract or agreement signed by a prospective student will not become valid and binding until the student makes an initial visit to the University or attends the first class of instruction. The University encourages all prospective students to visit prior to the first day of class for a tour of campus facilities, to ask questions about the program and to obtain other information that may affect the student's decision to enroll. See Enrollment Agreement at the end of this catalog.

Add And Drop

By Wednesday of the 2nd week of each semester, no more than two courses may be dropped. An equivalent number of courses may be added without penalty (financial or attendance). Students must comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) regulation as required by UEWM regulation and Federal law. No other course additions will be allowed after the 2nd week except under emergency circumstances that would apply in cases of incomplete grades. Improper dropping of classes by students receiving financial aid can jeopardize their eligibility status and loan deferment with lending institutions. (Note: at this time, Master's in Tai Chi Students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid.)

Auditing Classes

An applicant wishing to audit one or more courses must complete an audit application form and comply with all admission requirements. In lieu of a standard application, he/she must submit the Audit Application Form. The applicant must demonstrate sufficient knowledge to benefit from auditing the course. A limited number of students with audit status are allowed in any given class. In addition to the application fee, the student is required to pay the course tuition, a registration fee and other fees, if applicable. Enrolled students may petition to audit a class already taken earlier at the University by paying a $50.00 auditing fee. Audit classes are recorded in University official transcripts as "Audit" courses with a "P" (passing) or an "F" (failure) grade. Audited classes are not covered by financial aid. Audited classes cannot be converted to credit classes. If credit is desired, students must take the class for credit and pay the tuition for the class. The tuition cost for auditing a course is the same as taking it for credit.

Attendance / Tardiness

Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to arrive in a timely manner to assure qualitative and quantitative participation in the educational program. Students who are tardy may disrupt class instruction. This is an inconvenience to other students and to the instructor. Repeated tardiness will tend to result in lower grades. They are also contributing factors to failing grades. Chronic tardiness may result in dismissal from the class and/or from the University.

Excessive Absence is regarded as a serious issue. Excessive absence (exceeding 30% of class hours) may only be allowed by the instructor upon consideration of all the evidence justifying the absence. An excused absence merely gives the student who missed the class an opportunity to make up the work and is not an excuse from the work required. Repeated unexcused absences will result in lower grades, failing grades and/or dismissal from the class and/or the University. If a student is not able to attend classes, he/she is advised to make contact with the University immediately so that the instructor(s) can be notified. If absenteeism exceeds thirty percent (30%) of a course, the student must repeat the course regardless of the reason for the absences. Students missing the last 3 weeks of class will receive a "Failure" or incomplete grade depending on the situation as evaluated by the Director of Academic Affairs and the instructor.


The Director of Academic Affairs may permit students to complete course requirements by means of Independent Study if a particular course needed to graduate in a timely manner is not offered during the last semester for which the student plans to enroll or if there is a special need for the course completion. Independent Study requires approval by the Director of Academic Affairs and only students with a GPA of 3.0 can apply for this privilege. Units for Independent Study are awarded based on forty-five (45) hours per unit of study time. A student on Independent Study must regularly meet with the assigned faculty for assessment of learning and to take appropriate quizzes or exams. A student seeking Independent Study must submit an Independent Study Request Form and must meet all applicable regulations or restrictions and pay the appropriate fees.

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