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Tuition & Fees

For Tuition & Fees, please refer our catalog from Page 16 to 18:
English Comprehensive Catalog

Please observe deadlines to avoid late fee charges. All late fees are $50 except if otherwise specified.

All International students are required to purchase and maintain a health insurance plan. International students special service fees are specified on request forms.

Textbooks are estimated at $60-$120 per book.

Notice: All students must pay the University the applicable costs associated with school attendance (i.e., semester tuition, other required fees) at the time of registration, unless the student and the University agree in writing to a tuition payment plan. Students whose accounts are more than seven days past due are automatically dropped from classes. Students who fail to fulfill the financial arrangements agreed upon are suspended from the University and may reenter only upon full payment of the delinquent portion of their account plus fees/fine unless the University has agreed in writing to a different payment arrangement. No grades or documents will be released if there is an outstanding balance. The University may refuse any type of service to students who have an outstanding balance. (See Title 5, California Administrative Code, Sections 42380 and 42381). A monthly $50 late fee will be charged to the student until his/her financial obligation is fulfilled. The University may also refuse re-admission to a student who has left the University with an outstanding balance.

*If student doesn’t pay off tuition fee on the due day, $50 late charge will occur and have high risk of being dropped off from your classes

Refund Policy

Students have the right to cancel their enrollment and obtain a refund by providing written notice to the Finance Department. The effective date of termination is either the postmarked date or the date established by the signature of the Finance Department. Verbal or phone requests will not be honored.

Students have the right to a full refund of all charges (except for the application fee, registration fee and other non-refundable charges), if they cancel the agreement prior to, or on, the first day of instruction. Students dropping a course after classes have begun but before the ninth meeting or 60% of instruction will receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable charges. Students who drop a class after the ninth meeting or 60% of instruction of the class will not be eligible for any tuition refund. An additional 3% deduction will be applied to refunds for tuition/fees paid by credit cards. Books, textbooks and other materials purchased by the student at the University’s Bookstore are the property of that student. The University will neither accept return of purchased materials, nor make refunds for services.

Refund Chart
Date if Widthdrawl % of tuition refundable
1st Day of Class 100%
2nd Day of Class Through Week One 90%
Beginning of Week Two 80%
Beginning of Week Three 70%
Beginning of Week Four 60%
Beginning of Week Five 50%
Beginning of Week Six 40%
Beginning of Week Seven 30%
Beginning of Week Eight 20%
Beginning of Week Nine 10%
Beginning of Week Ten 0%

There is no refund after the ninth week beginning with week ten or more than 60% of instruction.

No refunds may be dispersed to a student until the Financial Aid Program has been repaid. The University is obligated to repay the following funds: Title IV Sources: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans, Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans and Scholarships. Refunds will be determined by the percentage of tuition contributed by that source. The exact terms and conditions are set forth in the enrollment agreement.

For students receiving financial aid, any tuition refund will be made first to the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, then Sub­sidized Loan, Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG up to the net amount dispersed from each source.

Students will receive a full refund of any course that has been cancelled by UEWM. Refunds will be paid within 30 days of cancellation or withdrawal. Any Federal Student Aid disbursed to the student will need to be returned in full.

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