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Campus Open House Tour


Our Open House event is your best opportunity to learn about UEWM's graduate programs. During the event we will show you an informative presentation about the school, take a campus tour, hold personal admission counseling sessions, and answer any questions that come up along the way. You will also receive a complete admissions packet when you check in to our Open House.

Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm

Address: 595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale CA 94085

For more information, contact our Admissions office: (408) 733-1878 Email:

Personal Admissions Appointments

If you are unable to attend one of our scheduled Open House events, feel free to contact the Admissions Office to arrange a personal admissions appointment. Prospective students are highly encouraged to sit in for classes and schedule a complimentary check-up at the teaching clinic. Day, evening, and weekend appointments are all available. If you wish to have an individual admissions interview after a Saturday Open House, please schedule that prior to attending the Open House event!

For more information about University of East-West Medicine degree and certificate programs, please contact:

MSTCM/ DAOM Admission
Admissions Adviser
(408) 733-1878 ext. 133 (English Service) /134 (Chinese Service)

Dr. Hong
MSTCM Program
(408) 733-1878 ext. 123

Christina Wen Ding
TCM Tuina Massage Program
(408) 733-1878 ext. 111

Chi-hsiu D.Weng
Tai Chi Program
(408) 836-3459

For additional information regarding prospective students, please visit here.

Be A Student For A Day For Free!

Be a student at UEWM for a day. Sit in on classes to listen to the lectures, or schedule a complimentary check-up at the teaching clinic. Just contact us at (408) 733-1878, and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you to join our community.