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Message from the President

Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its emphasis on natural treatments, minimal side - effects, and the remarkable ability to treat many acute and chronic diseases, has won more and more approval by people all over the world and has become widely recognized and globally sought-after as an effective treatment approach.

Today many Americans have become aware of the benefits of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and prefer Chinese Medicine as their main health -care source. The U. S. Government and many insurance companies have also taken measures to satisfy this growing demand. In the same spirit, the University is ready to provide you an accredited degree-granting program, integrating classroom lectures and clinical internships, which will equip students to become qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners in the 21st century.

The program borrows treasures from the rich heritage of China as well as from modern Western medical sciences. The curriculum of the University integrates traditional and modern medicine as well as the modern developments in Chinese Medicine, with a balance between theory and practice.

We encourage you to make a wise decision--becoming an honorable well-respected, highly demanded healthcare provider. We are looking for students with a deep personal commitment to study hard in pursuing a purposeful education in medicine. You will be taking part in cultivating a true environment of open, bi-cultural exchange. The University is dedicated to assisting you in building your career as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for yourself and for society.

We invite you to join us in the educational and professional experience of this magnificent healing art and science. A wise decision today, translates to a bright future tomorrow.

We wish you the best of luck on your first step in your pursuit of education to become an expert in Chinese Medicine. We’re committed to helping you realize your dream of healing and helping others, -- your educational and professional goals -- and ultimately to make a crucial impact on all you serve in the future.

University of East-West Medicine