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About University of East-West Medicine

The Mission Statement

The mission of the University of East-West Medicine is to prepare qualified graduates of certificate and degree programs in complementary health and eastern medicine fields, enabling graduates to advance their knowledge and to enter or enhance their career choices in positions that will augment traditional American health care services by providing options for the wellbeing of clients or patients.

Core Competencies

The Institutional Core Competency statements are a commitment to the students and the public that the faculty and staff will work with students so that their certificate or degree from the University of East-West Medicine will represent knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflected in the core competency areas. The Core competencies are outcomes that, when fulfilled, will lead to the realization of the institution’s mission.

Demonstrate Subject-Matter Expertise.

Students will demonstrate acquisition of knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study, appropriate to their degree or certificate, at a level that prepares them to enter employment or enhances their professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. Measurement: Employment data.

Think Critically

Students will analyze and solve problems, evaluate ideas and methods, estimate and predict outcomes based on underlying principles relative to a particular field of study; and at advanced degree levels, students will interpret scientific studies, verify the reasonableness of conclusions, explore alternatives, acknowledge differing perspectives, and adapt ideas and methods to new situations. Measurement: Successful completion of courses and/or clinic with case studies and problem solving exercises.

Communicate Effectively

Students will express themselves clearly and thoughtfully in discussion with clients or patients, colleagues, and other health professionals. Measurement: Successful completion of courses and clinic.

Practice Life-Long Learning

Students will demonstrate an appreciation for life-long learning by identifying and availing themselves of resources and opportunities for employment or professional enhancement. Measurement: Self reports from students; attendance at UEWM events; continuing to DAOM program

Express Global Awareness

Students will recognize they are members of a local and global community. They will respect and adapt to social, linguistic, and cultural diversity of colleagues, patients or clients. Measurement: successful completion of clinic and adaptation to UEWM environment.

Behave Responsibly and Ethically

Students will choose behaviors and make decisions in a manner that reflects their appreciation and understanding of their legal and ethical responsibilities in a professional environment. Measurement: successful completion of clinic.